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Directory of Plymouth High School
Alumni Association

1931 Edition


Miss Anna Smith was born in Redford Township in 1848, and lived there until she was 21 years old, when she moved to Northville, and taught there five years. Then she moved to Plymouth, and was employed in active teaching for 46 years. With the exception of one four-month period,and two one-week periods, when she was ill, she has not missed any time at her work. For the last nine years she has been in charge of the juvenile department of the School Library.
Because of her pleasant ways and disposition, her Christian life, and being loved by all her former pupils and all those coming in contact with her, we dedicate this 1931 Plymouth High School Alumni Directory to her.


Fifty years of the Plymouth High School Alumni Association have slipped by, and how quickly it has passed. To some it seems only yesterday that C. T. Grown was superintendent here, but since then nearly nine hundred pupils have graduated from the school.
The one thing that the Alumni Association have had to look forward to each year is the June Banquet. There they meet to chat with old friends and classmates. Some of the first banquets were held in the library where they served their own meal and washed their own dishes. But how times have changed.
The one thing through the history of the Alumni Association that they greatly regret is the fact that the school burned which was so much loved by the older Alumni members.
It is the policy of the association each year to elect a president, vice-president, and secretary and treasurer who, with the help of the Executive, Directory, Dramatic, Decoration and Scholarship Committee carry on the work of the association and plan the annual banquet.
This Alumni Association, as it looks back over these fifty years, has been very prosperous, and it is the wish of the 1931 Executive Body that it be a success in the future.

Officers for 1930 - 1931

President Elton Ashton, '27
Vice-President Zetta Travis, '26
Secretary and Treasurer Helen Bridge, '30

Decoration Committee

Ruth Soth, '30; Vaughn Campbell, '30; Elizabeth Strong, '30

Dramatic Committee

Wilbur Murphy, '27; Elton Ashton, '27; Jack Taylor, '23

Directory Committee

Zaida Pinckney-Johnson, '03; Ione Bird-Faber, '24; Elsie Melow, '21; Florence Lee Furman, '08; Elton Ashton, '27

Scholarship Fund Committee

Floyd Kehrl, '20; Ruth Huston-Whipple, '13; Robert Jolliffe, '06

Directory of The Plymouth Alumni Association

(Note: The people listed on the pages below were alive in 1931 and were living at the locations given next to their names. Those with an asterisk next to their name died before 1931. The year is the year that the person graduated from Plymouth High School.)
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