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We greatly anticipated our daughter's Night at the Museum birthday party. What a wonderful evening we spent  watching history come to life! The Museum director and her team of reenactors kept our group of 10-year-old girls engaged and entertained. This will be one of those birthdays that we will talk about for years to come. Thank you, Plymouth Historical Museum, for a job well done.
--The Tillapaughs
Thank you for everything!  Our daughter had a wonderful time and I would recommend this party to anyone. Thanks for the link to the photos too! The party will forever be in our own family history now as one of the best birthday parties we ever had.
--The Watsons

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A Night at the Museum A Night at the Museum Party - Plymouth Historical Museum - lincoln_shaking_handsParty

Characters inside Plymouth Historical Museum come to life!

The "Night at the Museum" has come to Plymouth, and now children can experience a birthday party they will never forget. Plymouth Historical Museum staff, inspired by the movies of the same name, created this magical evening, where children discover that the characters within the Museum come alive after hours.
Kids begin the delightful evening in the lower level meeting room, where they gather and socialize before sitting down for a dinner of pizza or subs and drinks while watching one of the "Night at the Museum" movies. When the show ends, a reenactor meets them and their magical journey begins. They are greeted on the pretense of touring the Museum, but when presented with a personalized "Tablet of Akmenrah," they discover that not all is as it seems. This tablet is a recreation of the Egyptian tablet used in the movies that brings the Museum characters to life, which the children soon realize seemingly works in this Museum as well.
The Museum is filled with reenactors silently waiting for the kids to bring them to life with the tablet. Kids could discover a Roman soldier, dressed in full battle gear or Civil War soldiers preparing for war, or women wearing big hoop skirts and fancy dresses. There may even be a teenager from the 1950s hanging about, waiting to be awakened so she can dance and sing to her favorite rock and roll music. Anyone can be discovered at the Museum, and children will enjoy the living history. Each character chats with the kids about a slice of history so children might learn a thing or two while they are having fun at the party.
To schedule your child's birthday party, which accommodates up to 10 kids, fill out the contract below to make reservations. The party is $250 for 3-4 hours of fun, including watching one of the three "Night at the Museum" movies, pizza or subs and drinks, a personalized "Tablet of Akmenrah," interacting with Museum characters and touring the current exhibit. Kids will enjoy this memorable magical experience! If you want more information, fill out the contact form below.
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