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Old Baptist Cemetery

Old Baptist Cemetery (also known as Plymouth Village Cemetery or North Village Cemetery or Old York Street Cemetery or North Plymouth Cemetery) is located at York and Pearl Streets in Plymouth, Michigan. It was founded in 1845 when Plymouth was known as Plymouth Village. The cemetery is currently maintained by the City of Plymouth. Some bodies were removed to Riverside Cemetery but many still remain. This cemetery contains the remains of soldiers who fought in the Black Hawk War and the Civil War in addition to many early area settlers. Many of the tombstones have vanished over the years. The pictures contained on these pages constitute ALL of the tombstones that are visible at the Old Baptist Cemetery. The transcriptions below were compared against the actual tombstones and corrections were made as necessary.
The information in this document was collected from the following sources:
1. Original "Records of Internments" currently on file in the Plymouth Historical Museum
2. Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) in the 1930s (MSL: M929.3 M52 W35cc) and (BHC: 74D4 929.3 D2 Sc)
3. Arthur Booth copied the inscriptions in 1960 (BHC: 74W4 929.3 D48FO and MSL: M929.3 M62 W35Fo)
4. Ronald Wm. Collopy copied the inscriptions on December 7, 1972; the DAR published his findings in 1985
5. Excerpts were taken from the records of Plymouth, Michigan City Hall as of January 15, 1962
6. Death records, obituaries, and internments currently on file in the Plymouth Historical Museum
BHC=Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library, Detroit, Michigan
MSL=Michigan State Library, Lansing, Michigan